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Please note that, following the relaxing of the lockdown rules, we have been able to reconsider our position regarding use of the green. Whilst there will be no organised bowls sessions until we are told that it is safe to do so and club spoons, club competitions and league matches remain cancelled we are pleased to be able to allow limited bowls by individual members.

The green has been maintained during this period and is in good order. Provided government guidelines regarding health, travel and exercise are strictly adhered to members, and members only, can use the green and locker room to practice, keep fit and generally keep themselves occupied. There is to be no access to the bar and kitchen areas. The committee would remind the members to be careful and courteous at all times and to follow the guidelines we have set out in the notices on display at the clubhouse and the letter to members dated 22 May 2020.

Primarily, but not exclusively, there will be a maximum of 3 rinks in use at any one time, a maximum of 2 people to a rink and maintain social distancing. Only handle your own bowls and use the hand sanitisers, wipes and gloves which are in a basket at the entrance to the changing room. Lewis and Willie will allocate the rinks to be used and mats and jacks will be left on the wall around the green. Place a mat and a jack at either end of the rink. Leave the mats in place during the session and move the jacks when necessary with your foot. When you are finished place the mats and jacks back on the wall.

We do not envisage that a “booking system” will be required just now but the use of the green will be monitored and we may introduce a “diary” if necessary. However, if you turn up and there are already the maximum number playing, either decide to go home or enquire when a rink might be available and wait at a safe distance until it is available.

The green is available at all times with the exception of Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays prior to 2pm when the greenkeeper will be carrying out work on the green.

When you leave, if there is no one else around irrespective of the time, ensure that lights are turned off, doors and gates are locked and the main gate into the car park is closed behind you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

About Portland Bowling Green Club

Portland Bowling Green Club was established in the Jesmond area of Newcastle upon Tyne in 1874. It is the county's oldest private bowling club and was a founding member of the Northumberland County Bowling Association.  

9 of our members have served as President of the Association and we boast one of the best greens in the county. The club is run by a committee that presides over members who are drawn from all walks of life throughout the North East of England. 

We pride ourselves on our hospitality, which is extended to everyone who visits our Club. Both members and visitors are offered a thoroughly enjoyable experience in a near perfect setting, encompassing our clubhouse, green and surrounding gardens.

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C W Boyle